Universal Deepwater Port Complex
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On the territory of the Vyborgsky district of the Leningrad region, a project is being implemented to build the first deep-water universal sea port complex in the Baltic basin – the Primorsky universal transshipment complex.

A corporate website was developed. Video presentation of the project and spectacular video backgrounds. The site is translated into 4 languages.

Concept Features

The main objective of the project is to create a modern, high-tech and environmentally friendly universal port complex, comparable in terms of cargo turnover with the largest ports of the Baltic basin, in order to reorient transit cargo flows from European ports.

Warehouse Logistics Center

Port storage facilities used as a distribution and storage point

Coal Terminal

20,00 million tons per year

Basic turnover of the coal terminal of Primorsky UTC

Mineral Fertilizer Terminal

5,00 million tons per year

Basic turnover of the mineral fertilizer terminal of Primorsky UTC

Cereal Terminal

5,00 million tons per year

Basic turnover of the grain terminal of the Primorsky UTC

Container Terminal

2,00 million of TEU/year

Basic turnover of the container terminal of Primorsky UTC

Pier length 700 m
2 berths
Deadweight up to 200 thousand tons

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